StudyTec - Products


Ztoon is an educational platform that provides college and university students with study aids and resources. Its available for students in all higher education institutions across the MENA region. (revamp coming soon)


Ztoon Wallet is a micro payments platform targeted towards students of all levels, allowing them to make payments for small purchases and receive other privileges.

Ztoon wallet will initially be integrated as part of but will be further developed as a standalone product. (coming soon)


Pixlr is a cloud based image editor.  Its a comprehensive product for image editing and design. Its use of AI features goes a long way in creating amazing effects in a few clicks. It caters to users of all levels with the availability of two versions Pixlr X for beginners and Pixlr E for more advanced and professional designers.


Acquiring accredited data science qualifications for students and employees to  apply their skills and knowledge in order to successfully contribute to data literacy and digital transformation within their organisations and advance their careers.

Ai design-products is an integrated platform that uses AI technology to allow users to create, edit and scale content. It helps our clients save time, cut costs and simplify the workflow. Logomaker, Speechmaker, Videomaker and Designmaker serve different purposes, all in a one-stop shop!