Qualifications in Data Science


Learn & Obtain Your Data Science Credential Online 

StudyTec in collaboration with The Data Science Institute offers programs to learn data science online. The programs are fully accredited, comprehensive and affordable.

The Data Science Institute provides accredited qualifications for data science professionals around the world. Thus, students in the program are able to apply their skills and knowledge in order to successfully contribute to data literacy and digital transformation within their organisations.

The Data Science Institute offers certificates, diplomas and degrees. Accordingly, the students will gain competencies in maths, statistics, programming in R, Python and SQL.  Furthermore, learners  acquire skills to organise and analyse data to produce new strategic business models. Moreover, those enrolled will participate in projects where they can apply data science to a particular field. These fields include but are not limited to the Pharmaceutical industry, Fintech, IoT, Marketing, Healthcare, Economics and more.

Additionally, completing a credential in data science opens up job opportunities in a wide range of data science and advanced analytics roles in various kinds of industries. Eventually, students can progress to a data science, data analytics or business masters program in some of the best universities in the UK and abroad.

The Data Science Institute’s programs are fully accredited under the European Qualifications Framework. The programs are  reviewed and meet the same standards of academic excellence based on the European Standards Guidance. The credits are issued under the European Credit Transfer System which is considered the most sophisticated and recognised accreditation system in the world. 

Learn Data Science Online To Suit your Schedule

Learning data science online will give you the flexibility to learn according to your schedule. This will help you manage time and expectations to complete the modules and reach your goals.

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