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Data Science

With the rapid evolution of AI and machine learning, data science is becoming one of the most sought after qualifications globally. You can even opt to learn it regardless if you have a background in it or not. Students in data science programs eventually gain competencies in maths, statistics, programming in R, Python and SQL to organise and analyse data to produce new strategic business models. Learners will likewise be completing projects which will surely enable them to apply data science to their particular field including the Pharmaceutical industry, Fintech, IoT, Marketing, Healthcare, Economics and more.

Furthermore, completing a credential in data science will open up job opportunities for students and employees in a wide range of data science and advanced analytics roles in various kinds of industries. Moreover,  qualifications in data science will enable those enrolled to progress further to a data science, data analytics or a business masters program in some of the best universities in the world.

These programs are fully accredited under the European Qualifications Framework and they are continuously reviewed and meet the same standards of academic excellence based on the European Standards Guidance. Accordingly, the credits are issued under the European Credit Transfer System which is also considered the most sophisticated and recognised accreditation system in the world.   

Master in Cyber Security, Digital Forensics and Crime Analysis - European Forensic Institute       Endorsed - Qualifi         

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Studytec Technology Solutions is an education technology company based in Dubai, UAE.

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Our mission is simple; We are passionate about education technology. When education is allowed to thrive in society, everybody wins. Now more than ever, especially as a consequence of COVID, it’s imperative that its complemented with technological tools and processes. Otherwise, education won’t flourish to maximise value in our modern, fast-paced world.